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The role of Social Media

The social media platform has been great and we say good things, yet in three days we forget about them.  At times we revive the issues but we never do anything that our children and grand children will remember us about.

The forum we have is great.  We need to use it much more by, for example, mobilizing resources to seize these emerging opportunities.  Our risk is minimized, if for example 1,000 people give Kshs. 100,000 for production of locally manufactured set top boxes or mobile handsets. We shall never get to do this unless we consider the opportunities our collective responsibility to exploit them.

Social media will become part of our history if we pull this.  No donor or anybody can do this for us.  Let us just do it.

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It’s due time for our Industrial Revolution

A total of 81 million manufacturing jobs are to move out of China in the next few years.  Some jobs are moving back to the US and some are finding their way into emerging economies.

In the past few weeks since the ground breaking ceremony at Konza, I have met with six manufacturing outfits that are considering Africa as their new manufacturing destination. Two are well known chipset manufacturers. Read more

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